A few days ago I was thinking how much I didn't like 2017.
I though it was a boring year, without news and changes.
So I tried to write what i did and - surprise! - it came out a very long list!
I decided to share my experiences with you because I think that this could be an example: if you think 2017 sucked take a second to think at all the things that made your day, your minute or even your second better and you're goning to change your mind! So here it is...

What I did in 2017

  • I got good marks at school
book awesome
I'm attending a scientific high school, one of the most difficult school in my town but I'm doing great so I'm proud of myself!
  • Toronto
Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb building
I've been in Toronto for a study-holiday for two weeks. I stayed with a kind family and three other girls form France, Italy and Mexico. It was great, I did new experiences and I improved my english.
  • food
cheese aesthetic
I ate new plates and I tried new food. I love the american pizza but I hate sushi.
  • I danced
dark alcohol
I went to the disco, I danced and I had fun with my friends
  • self-love
art aesthetic Superthumb pink
I finally learned to love myself. Now I can look at the mirror and like what I see. There's nothing better than this.
  • Monte Isola
Superthumb Superthumb
In August I went to Monte Isola, a little island in the middle of Lake Iseo in the north of Italy with my family. I loved swimming in the lake water, visiting the isle and spending time with my parents and my brother.
  • Rimini
Superthumb Superthumb
In April I went to Rimini with my catechism group. I slept in an hostel room with my best friends and every night we had sleepovers.We saw the sea and we listened some interesting testimonies: ex-convicts' rehab, an organisation that helps girls to escape from prostitution and some guys who live in foster homes.
  • I took care of myself
beauty blue aesthetic black
I started to take more care of myself. I learned how to make up and paint my nails and I used beauty products to make my face skin cleaner.
  • rock music
Kansas ac dc Appetite for Destruction beatles
I listend to rock music. It's so cool and it makes me feel alive.My favourite bands so far are AC/DC, Guns N' Roses and Arctic Monkeys. You can listen to my spotify playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/user/annaluce.ferrari/playlist/5m0KTBPmv74pcNO7SJnK0v
  • I volunteered
Superthumb Superthumb
In september I spent a week in a safe house in the mountain with great guys and we helped the operators of the place by cleaning up, setting the tables, doing the dishes, carring cases, repainting and repairing the safe house. It was nice and we had lots of fun.
  • the night
aliens boy blue boy
Many times during 2017 I have stayed up late or haven't slept at all. I watched the stars on a hill, I got lost in a city, I watched dusts and downs and I went on a night hike. I had precious moments.
  • tv series
dean Superthumb Superthumb anne shirley
I fell in love with lots of tv series and i'm going to write an intire article about them. I'm really happy omg I'm a fangirl asdfghkl !!!!!
  • I watched my crush playing football
girl football
In 2017 I watched a football match but just because my crush was playing. It was nice because seeing him smiling and doing what he loves made me happy.
  • I kissed my grandmother
grandmother Superthumb
My grandmother is not feeling well so I don't know for how long I can kiss her. Ti voglio bene nonna! ♥
  • I had fun
Superthumb grunge Superthumb Superthumb
I had fun, enjoyed little things and lived great moments.
  • I wore rings
beauty Superthumb fashion accessories
I started wearing rings. I think they make my fingers look longer and more female.
  • Xmas
christmas christmas
I bought and recived amazing Xmas presents. I love holidays and in 2017 Xmas was special because I spent it with my family and my close friends.
  • I am dumb and young
cosplay Superthumb asian best friends
I laughed, laughed, laughed, laughed until I cried with friends, with strangers, with myself.
  • village fetes
Superthumb fun boy fun
Fetes in my village or in the other village I visited have always been exciting and full of life. So much fun!
  • visited a castle
castle castle
I love castles! When I was a child I wanted to become a princess so when I visit castles it's like my dream become true.
  • WHI collections
These are my favourite collections of mine. I love them. Go and check them out if you want!

So, that's all I did in 2017! I think my year was great and i hope 2018 will be even better. Write your own 2017 goals list, I'd love to read what amazing things you did. Happy 2018 to everyone!