Fantasy prone personality. That's what it called. But I didn't know it had a name until recently. I've always known I had it. Known something about me, was different.

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They see it is shows in a number of ways. Usually you had an adult strongly encourage fantasy play as a child, which mine did. I loved my stuffed animals and dolls so much I thought they were real. I would sob if they got injured or my parents threatened to take some away. I thought they were real, they were like my family.

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You have some kind of stressful event in childhood, which I had plenty. You are easily hypnotized, now I haven't fully tested this, but I have a hunch I would be. You had imaginary friends in childhood, which I did (kinda) and I'll elaborate later. You have an actual fantasy identity, which means you pretend you are a different person then you really are. I do this, but in a way a lot of people do. Think of all the bad singers who tell themselves they're great. You experience imagined sensations as real. Like seeing a blizzard of tv and feeling cold or seeing someone else's injury and feeling pain. It can make you extremely empathic if you feel another person's sadness. You have vivid sensory perceptions, if something is hot it's scolding, if a sweater is itchy, your skin feels ripped up. This is the reason I don't wear jeans. There's also something about satisfying yourself without a romantic partner, but I'll skip over this for the sake of family friendliness.

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I've had parcosm or a detailed imaginary world for as long as I can remember. For as long as I could talk. The countless people I met on my imaginary journeys could be considered my imaginary friends. I've done everything in my mind. I've climbed mountains, started revolutions, became a spy and even found love. I know deep down my fantasies are not real. But they bring me such joy. They help me escape this reality, all my anxieties and loneliness. And I strive to make sure they do not effect my reality. Deep down I know they are not real.

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It's like being Alice, constantly going down a rabbit hole. It's being everywhere and everyone all at once. No one in my real life knows this about me. I only feel comfortable sharing here, because it's anonymous. But I was elated to find my chronic daydreaming has a name. I have a fantasy prone personality. Do you?

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