I continuously try and try to lose weight and become healthier, however, I always end up worse off than when I started. Over time I have learnt things about health that are crucial to living a happy healthy life, so here's some of them!

1. eating right

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I know this is obvious but whatever. If you're goal is to lose weight, then this is important, because what you eat accounts for 80% of your weight loss journey.

Don't be too obsessive about what you eat because that is unhealthy, just always be cautious about what you're putting into your body. I use this app called Lifesum which helps me track my calorie intake and what foods are good and bad. Have fruits and vegetables in your daily intake, pick the healthier option even if you don't like it as much. Every little bit counts :)

2. make yourself goals

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Keeping motivation is the biggest barrier in achieving what you want to achieve. With setting yourself little goals, they give you structure, motivation and success. It can be anything you want. A few of mine are (to do daily) draw something, find a new song, meditate, drink water and so on, which leads me to my next point.

3. drink more water

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don't drink your calories!

I used to literally never drink water. I would only drink juices basically ( i don't like soft drink thank god). I realise now how bad that is for my body, especially because of how much sugar is in them. It is said that the recommended water intake is 8 glasses per day, but for me I don't need that much and instead of feeling refreshed I feel bloated. So now I have about 6 glasses per day, which is perfect for me.

It also helps keep my skin clear which is a bonus ;)

4. keep yourself moving

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every little bit counts

Being healthier means being active. Whether it's yoga, squatting, dancing, walking or your favourite sport, every little bit counts. A personal goal for myself is to stretch everyday, because I hate the feeling of not being flexible and I want to still be able to do the splits lol.

I also am making the effort to go for more walks, which also gets me out of the house for a bit. I usually go with my mum, so if you're not feeling like doing it alone, ask someone to do it with you so you guys and talk and you have someone else motivating you. And if you feel like being alone for a bit, walks are a great way to escape for a bit and learn your surroundings.

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I hope that this article has helped you in some way and that you can take something from it. I am going to continue to work towards my goals and continue to become a healthier and happy person x