i've been inspired by this idea tons, and have seen it a lot. i also did this on my old acount ( which i deleted ) - so i wanted to make a vamped up version ! hope you enjoy this, and make sure to leave a reaction if you'd like - oh, and heart?

1. shane dawson !

funny, illuminati, and lol image
known for his conspiracy theories !

shane dawson makes a variety of different videos, and he's definitely one of my favorites! i literally watch every single video he posts, and stay tune to podcasts as well. he's hardworking, and has grown a lot as a person.

2. michelle platti !

red, bitch, and neon image
also known for conspiracies !

i love this queen so much ; it actually hurts, but i'm alright with it. she was actually featured in a shane dawson conspiracy video - but, i honestly didn't discover her from that. during the time i was insanely obsessed with conspiracy theories, i stumbled upon one of her videos and watched some of her others ; the rest was history.

3. conan gray !

flowers, boy, and photography image
all kinds of aesthetically pleasing videos !

conan is so - aesthetic, if that's the word to describe it, and i love his entire theme. it's so pretty and very much pleasing to the eyes. he does thrift hauls, q & as, and so much more ( including vlogs, etc. ) he's also a total sweetheart ; like, his heart is literally made of gold.

4. sarah baska !

bad girl, long hair, and sarah baska image
such a funny dood !

sarah is soooo relatable, and she honestly makes me laugh so hard. from her rants to vlogs and stories ; she never fails to put a smile on my face! you should for sure check her out ; i promise you won't regret taking a look at this queen ( sorry, i practically call everyone a queen & dood )

5. liza koshy !

liza koshy and youtuber image
pretty much everyone knows her !

aah! i love liza tons, and she deserves all of the love she gets as well, not just from me, but from all of her fans & others.

alright! i hoped you liked this! <3 XOXO

s o m e o f m y o t h e r a r t i c l e s

a l l o f m y a r t i c l e s

a l l o f m y p o s t s