Hai babes what's up it's Lara and welcome back! Hope you're all having an amazing day wherever you are! If you are new and just randomly clicked this article, hi my name is Lara and this is basically just where I post articles and cute pics which basically describe my life!

So today I really want to write a tips article to help you guys out with your daily lives and how you can improve them. I try and incorporate all of these tips into my life, not perfect but I do try my best and that's what counts right? Please heart this article if you enjoyed it and if you want to read more of my articles please click the follow button so you can read more! With all that being said let's hop right in!

1) Make Your Bed In The Morning
It's been pretty much proven that successful people make their beds in the morning before starting their day. Plus if you make your bed you won't be tempted to get back in and sleep or just binge watch netflix or youtube.

2) Limit Your Phone/Device Usuage
Now I know that this will be pretty difficult for pretty much everyone, because let's face it we all love our phones. But it is seriously important to limit the amount of time that you use them, so that you don't waste the day on social media. Typically in the morning when I get up, I'm always reaching for my phone to check through all the social media I missed during the night. However instead of checking every single notification, allow yourself 5 minutes on your phone then get started on your day. This is also useful when you are going to sleep at night.

3) Listen To Motivational Podcasts or People on Youtube
I do this everyday or I try to at least. It helps me have a better mindset and it makes me feel so much better about my body image because it calms me in a way. So i recommend you guys to do this so that you get motivated to slay life.

4) Eat Healthy
Eating healthy is extremely important and I know that you're probably thinking, "Where do I start?" But basically just everyday you gotta start swapping out unhealthy foods for more healthier options. Also take vitamins everyday, it's completely fine to cave in every once in a while like on the weekends but make sure you don't eat everything that you see!

5) Clean Up Your Space
When my room is a mess I feel like a mess as well, however when I clean up I feel so much more productive and organised which is basically what you want. So everyday try and make sure your room is tidy and neat so that you have a better mindset.

6) Work Out Daily
Working out is also something which can make you happy. Personally I work out in the afternoons but I know most people prefer the morning. Obviously work out when you have the time but try to be consistent. Sometimes I even work out at night and again please don't get mad at me that's just the time when I can but again do it when you have the time.

7) Surround Yourself With Motivation Quotes
This makes me feel so pumped and ready to slay. Honestly makes me feel 10x better about myself when I read motivational quotes. On instagram I follow these two accounts: @Bossbabe.inc and @Sheconquers and honestly they are so motivating and it's so pleasing to read!

8) Organise Your Day, Every Single Day
Personally I love to use my notebooks and weekly/monthly agendas to keep things organised. You can even diy a monthly agenda which is what I did. There are plenty of youtube videos on monthly agendas so go check them out. But seriously they make me feel so organised and it's great because I know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing everyday.

9) Every Night Try To Journal Or Read
I love to read and write, that's why I blog daily. But I also love journaling in a book and just writing about my day, what I did, my workouts, what I ate all that fun stuff. I have my own journal for fitness and daily entries. I also have a notebook where I write what I am grateful for everyday, sometimes I forget to write in it but I try as often as I possibly can.

10) Learn Something New Everyday
This one is pretty self explanatory, but everyone learns something new everyday. So keep learning and educating yourself.

11) Think Positive
If you are not thinking positive then you'll have a bad mindset and you will make yourself stressed. Always think positive and say to yourself that, "I am Beautiful!" And actually believe yourself when you say that!

Anyways love ya guys, mwah xx