Since this is my second ever article im gonna share 12 facts about meeee!

  • I am 16 and a Sagittarius and i literally love anything to do with astrology
  • I LOVE Magcon and the dolan twins
boy boy
like just look how frickin gorgeous they are especially graysonnnn
  • My fave films are Titanic(cos i just love watching films that will make me cry) ,and Footloose idk why i just love that film
couple footloose
  • My favorite TV show is prison break.
  • My worst habits are, (ik it may sound weird) but clenching my teeth then my jaw ends up aching, cracking my knuckles which i only hate when other people do it, and daydreaming only cos i end up not listening in class.
  • My fave colour is like a pale/light blue and the same for pink.
Superthumb balloons
  • My fave season is summer cos schools finished for six weeks and summers just way more fun than winter.
house beach
  • My dream job is either being a journalist or something like that and maybe a sfx makeup artist
  • My favorite subjects are art and English as i acc love writing and I love reading toooo, js i absolutely HATE maths.
art book
  • I love travelling and hopefully i can travel to as many places possible
airplane adventure
  • My biggest fears are growing old and not being happy with the life I've lived and being regretful,dying,spiders and getting lost (if you can't already tell im a v anxious person)
  • And finally my biggest accomplishment, it might not sound like something good enough to be my biggest accomplishment but for me it is. It is gaining a lot more confidence as i used to be so so shy but im literally just not anymore.
quote and confidence image

So yeaa that was 12 facts about me so to whoevers reading my articles you can now know me better and i hope you enjoyed the articleeeeee
Byeeeee! X