Why am i still thinking of you every day?
Why do i still miss you, although you´ve hurt me this much?
Why can´t i stay angry at you for hurting me?
Why did you have to do this to me?
Why did you?

I am asking me this questions every day since you left, cause you left without a single word. You left without explaining me why.
I think nothing ever hurted me this much, only because i really thought you would love me too. Because you made me think that you love me too.

I didn´t want you to become a stranger, but you did anyways, and that´s so fucking painfull.
You look like it´s not bothering you, and i act like it´s not bothering me, but it does so much.

Why did you make all the memorys with me, when you didn´t even wanted to stay?
Why did you hurt me?
Why did you make me cry?

Because of you i can´t watch some of the films we´ve watched. Because of you i can´t listen to the music we used to hear. Because of you i feel like dying when i see you in the hallways. Because of you i feel like i could never trust anyone anymore. So tell me why did you just take my heart and leave?

You just broke my heart, but it´s me who keeps breaking it over and over again thinking of you. But i´m so tired of all this. I´m so tired of crying for you when i know that you´re not even thinking of me anymore. I´m so tired of hoping you would aplogize for what you did one day. I´m so tired of feeling this pain when i see you, and i´m so tired of asking myself why. So this is it. This is me, giving up on you.

I wish i could say that i wish you well. I wish i could say i´m over you, but i can´t.
I´m ashamed to say that i´m still not over you. I´m afraid that i will miss you forever. I´m afraid that i´ll never really move on. I´m sorry you didn´t see the love i had for you. I´m sorry that it ended this way.