to start this of- you do you.

i think it's not possible to have a set by step guide on how to become more confident but there are certain things you can try such as not caring what people think.
I do this, it's hard and i still secretly care bit mostly i down bother. Oh that person in the supermarket looked at you weirdly? was it what you were wearing? maybe but you'll never know so why bother spending time thinking about this PEROSN YOU WILL PROBABLY NEVER SEE AGAIN. the may have just been in a bad mood. just don't care about them, move on (you look great (even better if you're confident in what you wear/do)) SMILE!!! if you smile people are automatically attracted to you because happiness attracts happiness (and sadness because people need a light bulb to light up a dark day)

Look confidence is a tricky thing, be proud of who you are, you slay, look at yourself in the mirror and say OUT LOUD "i love you" (this can be hard, you can cry or laugh etc) if you say this every time you see yourself in a mirror, maybe not in public but you can say it in your mind, if you hear something often enough- you start to believe it.

Confidence works differently for everyone, i cant tell you anything expect for YOU DO YOU AND WHO CARES ABOUT OTHER'S OPINIONS?!?!?!?!? I certainly don't.