Hi guys! It's Kylei, so today I'm going to be giving you theme ideas for your collections. Enjoy :)

Lights (Brandon Woelfel)

light, dance, and ballet image photography image
Image by Liset Vilca light, coffee, and fairy lights image

Ocean Waters

girl, summer, and shark image summer, girl, and turquoise image
summer, beach, and water image eye, eyes, and blue image

Spring Indie

drink, indie, and spring image fashion, pink, and style image
chanel, flowers, and spring image flowers, pink, and indie image

Black & White

city, light, and new york image girl, beautiful, and model image
adidas, black and white, and shoes image girl, black and white, and smile image

Rosy Pink

shoes, fashion, and pink image pink, light, and quotes image
pink, rose gold, and city image pink, rose gold, and soft image

That's all I have today! Thank you for reading this article and have a great day :)