Writing is unbelievably powerful. It allows you to move a heart, a soul, a world.
With it's various art forms, articulation and ability to move you. I personally love writing. I find myself filling up my journals with anything from poetry to short stories to random thoughts in my head.
I want to share with you some tips to get started on your writing journey:

1. Be brave

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Experiment. Find your style. Find your words. There's a universe inside of you begging to come out, so let it; see where it will take you. Don't be scared to share your writing with others. Express yourself and gain feedback.

2. Be bold

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Release whats inside of you. Share it with the world. What excites you? Terrifies you? What wonders do you hold? Whats happening around you? Be one with it, understand it, interpret it and release.
Don't worry about what they will think, when your words are there to make them feel.

3. Use different art forms//mediums

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Short stories


4. Read, read, read.

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Read every piece of literature you can get your hands on; and then read more. Reading provides you with different styles, genres, perspectives and stories. Enjoy them, examine them and soak in each last drop. These words are feeding your life force.

5. Listen to lyrics

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Lyrics are some of the most powerful forms of words. They lift you up and take you through their story. In the span of 3-4 minutes, you're whisked away to search through hidden meanings and feelings. In the end, you find your own.

6. Soak in your surroundings

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Go for a walk in nature with your journal. Find a quiet place by the sea. Sit in your favourite coffee shop and observe the world around you. Curl up at home and write pages and pages about your inner self.

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The sky is your limit,
lift your feet off the ground.
-Me, myself and I.