"Don't forget to do it!" We've all heard a phrase similar to that one. Our parents give us duties, like taking out the trash, making our bed etc. And that's okay, they are our parents. But then there's people who THINKS they have the right to boss you around like they are your parents and thats what bothers me.

People may not do it directly. For example, put you down. Some people don't notice, or simply don't want to admit it, but they can suppress you. You want to be youself, want to show the world who you are, but there is always that person with their finger on your head. Some may say they are looking after you, but before you agree, make sure their intentions are taking care of you and not to take care of what you could do to them. Some people actually mean good, just keep an eye out for the ones who don't.

We all have duties, we don't like most of them, but we keep forgetting that we also have duties to ourselves. This duties are not making others feel better, but making ourselves be as happy as we can be. We are human beings before anything else, and we can treat ourselves to happiness, to love, and to feel happy or sad. Don't think that because of this you are being selfish, trust me, you are not. It's not that you are being selfish, it's just that you were too selfless before, and not the good kind.