I'm going to make this intro short, here are fifty good songs with a picture to match the feeling they give me. (The songs are in completely random order, my absolute favorites are spread in both parts.)

love, couple, and grunge image
1. American daydream - electric guest
gif, Alyssa, and james image
2. J-boy - phoenix
aesthetic, dark, and fashion image
3. Bounce - flatbush zombies
girl, sky, and blue image
4. Peace of mind - Dr. dog
bar image
5. I feel the weight - miike snow
aesthetic, alcohol, and bourbon image Image removed
6. Hard liquor - SOHN
julian, sweden, and traveling image
7. 10,000 emerald pools - Børns
clouds, sky, and aesthetic image
8. Candles - John Hopkins
adventure, friendship, and naked image
9. River - ibey
aesthetic, art, and alternative image nature and photography image
10. Sunny afternoon - the kinks
aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image
11. Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
meadow and kjhgf image
12. Space between - Sia
bed, morning, and pillow image
13. Sunday morning - no doubt
Image by Private User
14. Nikes - Frank Ocean
60s, alternative, and quotes image
15. Ivy - Frank Ocean
girl, fish, and aquarium image
16. Andromeda ( feat. DRAM) - Gorillaz
aesthetic, mad, and badgirl image
17. Heart is full - miike snow
girl, sky, and clouds image
18. Into you - Sondre Lerche
aesthetic, bedside, and boys image
19. Electric love - BØRNS
aesthetic, peach, and table image art, architecture, and chandelier image
20. National anthem - Lana del rey
water image
21. Comptine d'un autre ete, l'apres midi - yann tiersen
sea, water, and ocean image tea, coffee, and milk image beautiful, retro, and vintage image bed, bedroom, and white image
22. To build a home (feat. Patrick Watson) - the cinematic orchestra
sea, car, and ocean image
23. Nightcall - London grammar
heart, aesthetic, and pink image
24. Ghengis Kahn - Miike Snow (watch this music video please!)
beautiful, beauty, and blue image
25. Happy - Marina and the diamonds

Follow me to catch part two, with even more of my favorite songs <3