I miss you, I really do. I'm feeling weak. Don't know how to talk to you, how to ask you if you're doing okay. I don't want to hurt you, to leave the friendship we had. But I did and I'm feeling terrible. Even though I had my reasons for it. It's the kind heart that feels the most pain. The loving, the caring. Finding day by day the courage to talk to you, wanna know how you are. If you're okay. But I would feel stupid about it, like I'm interrupting. Or maybe you were moving on and suddenly I'm there again. To be honest, I haven't forgotten about you, never! I can't. You were THAT amazing guy. Every time that you cross my mind, I think of what an amazing person you are. I never met someone like you with such a great personality that i got so close with in short time. Actually never someone I missed so much. And I'm sorry. I did things I shouldn't do. I felt soo empty, so lost and so depressed. I miss our conversations, the laughs, our moments together, everything. I'm feeling so bad for giving up on someone like you. I'm sorry that I suffered and I couldn't go on. I even dreamed of you some times. Here I am months later still thinking about this beautiful friendship we had like an idiot. And all this time I didn't know what to do about it because the chance you have moved on is big. And i hope you have moved on. I don't want to be the person that comes when you're doing okay just to leave you with questions. But I'm not okay with living without knowing how you are. I understand it if you don't want to talk to me, but I feel like I had to talk to you for one last time at least. I miss you and I will always care about you.

- UnknownID98