#7 – Write an article about something you find interesting.

I took some time to find out what I wanted to talk about. Then, it has been an obvious fact!
That’s why I chose to evoke happiness in this article. A notion, I think, we all need in our lives.

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The meaning of happiness.
First of all, the definition can be different from a person to another ; I won’t argue with you on this one. But I know there are similar points in every version. Happiness is a feeling that litteraly fills your mind and heart ; it makes you smile, laugh, sing, dance or create. It’s actually a very inspiring emotion, you’re rarely as productive as during a happy period.

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Its manifestations.
Then, happiness appears as a sweet warmth in your entire body. You’re just feeling good however you are, wherever you stand. It’s also when you think of something, anything, and you’re able to smile and relativise – if it’s a bad thing.

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How to feel joyful when you need it.
- Relaxing. You can’t be happy if you’re stressed all the time.
- Spending time with friends. Having a good time with the ones you love will definitely make your day brighter.
- Reading a good book. Let’s forget the everyday life and the troubles for a while in order to plunge into a nice story.
- Watching a comedy. Why not laughing in front of a movie especially directed in that purpose ?
- Playing happy songs. If you’re doing it right, you will crave for dancing as soon as you’ve launched your playlist.

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That’s it, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

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