I'll get straight to the point; This article's about self-love and spreading positivity and love because, with the society that we live in, we find pleasure in knocking others down instead of supplying them with words that build them up, as messed up as it is.

Why do we choose to say hateful things about someone else? Like the way their hair looks, or how they're acne's really noticeable today, or how their outfit looks disgusting or their too tall or too short or how their teeth are too crooked or too yellow. Why. Why does this stuff seem to matter? Why does the negative always out-weigh the positive?

Why can't we look at someone and say, "I love your top, where'd you get it?" Or, "How do you keep your hair so shiny and soft?" Why do we let jealousy get the best of us? Because let's face it, we only really point out things we don't like about someone because we feel intimidated by them. It's a known fact. But what people don't seem to notice is the way that these words can affect someone.

A simply snide remark about someone's appearance can decrease their confidence and self-esteem majorly, or even cause them to go to epic measures such as suicide. In-fact,
19,000 bullied students attempt to commit suicide each year, and that's all because of 'some words' that someone chose to say to make others laugh. Isn't that messed up? The fact that, in today's society, we find humour in other's pain. So let me just say this;

Instead of saying something negative about someone's appearance, say something positive. Tell them how that top looks really flattering on them, or how their hair looks great today, or how they just simply look great, or their smile's gorgeous.

Just say something that'll have a positive impact on someone. Something that'll leave them smiling with joy, or make them a little more confident, or a little more happier. Because I find that making someone smile is way more lovely and self-assuring than making someone frown, or insecure, or cry. Because sadness is never beautiful; it's just unexplainable.

Thank you for reading. I hope this changed your perspective or atleast made you realise how much of an impact words have.

Kind regards,