You don't value me
You don't give me importance
You are selfish
Hello? I'm here
I'm not invisible, but it seems that it was

I remember the times you told me hurtful words, sometimes indirectly,
I just ignored it, and acted like I didn't care
While inside I was devastated and I just wanted to cry

You're looking for someone, but I'm here, maybe I'm not enough for you.

Whoever is reading this, please value all the people around you. Although it seems that they didn't care, really if it does, a little love, it makes a difference, totally. Sometimes they are making an effort to open your heart and you don't notice it, you are cloudy, if you have something to tell someone, tell them, then it may be too late.

Value your family, your friends, anyone who is there for you, who you know you can count on.

Saying something nice to someone can change their day, their life. Don't waste time.