Christmas is over/ pay day seems so far away/ we all feel fat/ we need a positive boost.
Lucky for you I am here to help you along the way...


Yes you heard it right the start of Jan and the new year is the build up to summer. Making plans, booking holidays, getting that summer bod and living the best you can. Wake every day thinking and planning the best summer that will put a smile on your face :)

summer, friends, and beach image

Wake to a glass of water

It has been known that waking to an ice glass of water wakes you up amazingly and gives you beautiful skin, so put it in your routine everyday and you will see a change.

Image by springkg

Earn the p's

Everyone knows work is a strain in Jan we all just want christmas back but think positive about work, all them hours the overtime means more money for adventures, days out, the summer. Also, as much as we hate work is does pass the time the weeks fly by.

Image by Kristaq Riste Lico

Make a playlist of your fave songs and dance round your room

It makes me feel amazing to listen to all my fave songs and just dance round my room yeh might sound sad but it lifts your mood rapidly, if you dont want to dance on your own call some friends round make it a date.

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spend some time with the family.

I know spending a couple of hours with my family lifts my mood from watching a film, a cheeky tea and chat to a game of cards.

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I hope this helped and I hope you enjoyed if so give it a heart it can make every month not just January!
Much Love Berto