So, its ben a couple of years that I have been off We Heart it. And it just turned 10!! YAYYYY!!

I thought its high time I contribute my love to WHI and everything it has meant to me in my life.
I have had WHI in my highs and in my lows, in my whites and blacks, and in all other colours that our eyes can see or imagine, and beyond.

While typing all of this down, I feel like I should take this year as a new start, and try letting go of things which keep my boat from sailing forward. De-anchor, unlearn things, to learn more. About this world I live in, about me.

I hope while doing this I also keep myself motivated to master the Korean Language, Hangul. And I should also take this opportunity to thank BTS for introducing me to this amazing culture, and to push me out of my comfort zone, and to give such support to all of us, without even realising it. Warm hugs to you guys.