Hi everyone! For today’s article, I wanted to share with a few ways you can remind yourself of your self worth and value. I know not all of us are at that stage where we are full of confidence, so here are a few ways to get closer. Also, this will be my first article for #IAmBeautiful, created by @darlingwonders, so please check out her account and collection!

Accept Compliments

As a person who usually denies a compliment because it doesn’t feel right, it’s never going to feel right if you don’t accept it. When you start believing in yourself first, you’ll really start to gain the confidence. And, others are giving you a compliment for reason, so be grateful, accept it, and thank them!

Appreciate Your “Flaws”

The moment when you are able to see your “flaws” as a good part of you, that’s when you know you’re really at a confident point. Feeling beautiful isn’t just applying a bunch of makeup to cover your insecurities, but using them as a power, and showing your originality.

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.”

Find Your Inner Beauty

Being beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean having attractive features. Write a list or just think of a few reasons how you are a beautiful person on the inside. What makes your personality shine? What have you created, and how have you influenced others?

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Have A Healthy Lifestyle

Being beautiful also means feeling healthy. Treat yourself with respect, and drink more water and exercise. Lay off the sweets, and just do whatever is best for your body.

Surround Yourself With Loved Ones

Don’t waste your precious time with toxic people. Stay with the people that make you feel good, it’ll start rubbing off onto you, and you’ll feel better about yourself.

Stop Over-Doing

Don’t work yourself until you are tired out of your mind. Don’t waste your money on useless makeup brands and luxury clothes. You don’t need those items to make yourself beautiful, so stop over-doing things. Allow yourself to rest and enjoy whatever you are doing. There is no one to impress.

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Stay Positive

To feel beautiful, think beautiful. Don’t obsess over a silly mistake you made when you were eleven. Don’t focus on ugly things about yourself or other people. Look on the bright side of everything, and I promise you’ll truly feel more beautiful.

Compliment Yourself

No, it’s not vain nor is it selfish. Just like how accepting compliments will make you more confident, complimenting yourself will too. Start believing what you say, and actually listen to yourself. You’ll feel amazing at the end of the day. (Do it daily for an extra boost!!)

Make Yourself A Priority

Do whatever will make you happy and feel good. Self care is extremely important, and when you start taking care of yourself, your confidence will skyrocket! Love yourself, because that is how true beauty looks!

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Well, that’s it everyone! I hoped this helped a little bit, and if you want to join #IAmBeautiful, be sure to message @darlingwonders (link above). Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all next time!!

~ Caylie