Letter to you:

I could say this in so many words... but I'll say it in the easiest:
In many films and stories we are told that love is easy, but this is simply not true... or maybe it is just not true for me. I don't know. I know is that love has been never easy for me.
Anyway, this is not about me.. Or it is not only about me.
It is also about you, my lovely, handsome best friend and love of my life.
I know a relationship with you wouldn't be easy and I know, especially for you with me on your side it would be hard...
We are so different.
I am a disorganized, creative, old soul. When i am happy I could hug the whole world and when I am sad it feels like i could not live any more. Every feeling I have is more than just a feeling. It is simply too much or I am simply too much.
And you?
I know you more than half of my life and all you show me is that happy smiling face, the man who is always lucky, never unsure about something and who has the most damn luck in his live I have ever seen. It seems like you're never sad and like you would always know what you want.
But i guess there has to be more, your mask is so smooth it only can be wrong what you are showing. I want to see the whole of your soul, I want to share the pain, the uncertainty and I want to find answers for your or my questions... TOGETHER.
But as you have told me and as I know you, you could not be with someone like me. My whole being, my thoughts and my feelings are too much for you, you could not understand anything of it anything about me. And you could not give me the closeness I need. I don't know I think we would try but I also know you would not risk our friendship... It is okay.
I don't know i want to tell you so much more and maybe one day I will, but for now this should be enough... because I have to move on and let you go, you don't want me and I understand you. You don't have to say anything.
Just one question to you. I know the answer, but I have to hear you saying it.
I want to know:
Is there any chance that we will be together?