On the 8th of September I started my journey and left my lovely hometown for 6 months to travel to Asia.
Even though quite some time already passed since then, I now decided to share my experiences and the things I learned with you guys.

To give you an idea about why I decided to go to Asia and what I'm actually doing here, I'm gonna give you some background information.
I'm a teenage girl from Europe who graduated high school in June 2017 and wants to see a bit more of the world before gravity of life hits you in university.
I was lucky enough to already being able to travel to different countries on the European and American continent to see and learn more about our western culture. But what about the Asian culture?
You might have an idea about what Asian countries look like, what culture and traditions they have, maybe through social media or certain movies.
I always knew, if I will go abroad, I want to see something different than the world, life and culture I'm used to see.
So I wanted to experience Asia - In real life.
I got the chance to go to Thailand to do a three-months-long internship in a hospital in Thailand's capitol Bangkok.
In the end things didn't work out as I expected them to do (you will find out why soon) - so after 8 weeks I decided to not waste more time and I met two of my high school friends in Vietnam to travel the country together for 5 weeks.
For Christmas and New Years I came back to Thailand to meet my family and enjoy time with them in beautiful places after not seeing each other for more than 3 months.
My next stop turned out to be China and that's where I am right now and where I will be until February.
And there's still more to come!

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I want to write and talk about different topics and lessons I learned until now (the good and the bad) in every article, to give you an idea about what it's like being and living on your own in Asia for a certain time and experiencing this completely different world.
I hope your interested in my thoughts and it inspires you to discover and travel to different countries and cultures in the world!

Often the difficult situations make you learn the most about yourself and about life.