Hey, here's my top 10 romantic movie (the order is not important). Hope you enjoy it and find some inspiration in it! 😘
PS: You won't find The Notebook and The Fault in our Stars. Don't mistake me, they're great, but I tried to be a tiny bit less obvious 😉

Stuck in love

stuck in love couple
Lily Collins AND Logan Lerman? Isn’t it what dreams are made of? Seriously this movie is both funny and sad, romantic and inspiring and honestly one of my favourite movie ever.

Water for elephants

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Don’t let the fact that Robert Pattinson is in that movie fools you into thinking that it’s bad. His performance is absolutely brilliant, and this movie has nothing to do with Twilight. If you like movies set in the 1930s and incredibly touching, this is for you.

The last song

miley cyrus miley
First, you see Liam Hemsworth shirtless in that movie, so that’s a really big plus. Other plus, it’s an adaptation of Nicolas Sparks.

Dear John

Superthumb amanda seyfried
Another of Sparks’ movie and definitely the best of his adaptations to my opinion. Yeah better than the Notebook (please don’t send me hate messages).

Remember me

couple book
Robert Pattinson again. I swear I’m not obsessed with him, I promise it’s the last one. He just happens to play in two of the best romantic movies ever.

Moulin Rouge

ewan mcgregor france
If you like musicals this is for you. However, Baz Luhrman directed that movie so expect some pretty wild things.

In your eyes

Superthumb couple
A very singular relationship. Watch the trailer, if you don’t want to see the movie after that, I can’t help you anymore.

Me before you

movie quotes
The most recent movie in this list. I’m warning you, you’re going to cry. A lot.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

audrey hepburn Superthumb
The oldest movie in this list. Yes, it was made before you were born. But man, Audrey Hepburn. That should be a sufficient argument for you to watch it.

If I Stay

Superthumb choice
Oh my, this movie. Great actors. Great songs. Great storytelling. And you’re going to cry again (sorry, not sorry).