I am so undeserving, yet you still love me.
I am so imperfect:

Yet, you still love me. Time and time again, although I may fail you.. you accept me with open arms.
That alone, your love alone-
encourages me to be the best that I can be.
Inspires me to love, just like you love and have loved me. Time and time again.
You've never failed me.
My flesh may fail, I may fail-
but you will never fail me although I have failed you, because you love me.

You show me that you are the only one who will do this for me.
You teach me that you are God, so different from man. So holy.
That I will never find a love like yours in others, a heart that is as merciful as yours. I will never find someone as forgiving as you are.

Which encourages and inspires me to be just. like. you. Lord.
Which encourages me to praise and worship you.
You are amazing.

You are unlike any other, because you are the only one.
The only God, The only Prince of Peace, The only King of Kings.
You are amazing and my heart cries out to you, Lord.
I can feel your mercy all around me although I am so damaged, undeserving. I am nothing.
Yet, you see my worth.

It humbles me.

To know that if no one, not even myself; is able to see my worth or beauty, that you- the maker of all things: heaven and earth, all galaxies and stars in the skies, nature, animals, human, breath, air...
the maker of it all can see my worth, that is all that matters.

The maker of all, loves me.
For that, I am more than grateful
and I am reminded once more everyday to love myself, too.