One thing at a time. This phrase has gotten me through so much. Nothing like focusing on the present.
So often, I find myself freaking out over things that are not really a big deal. Of course, everything feels major in the moment. But sometimes, in the moment is all you should focus on.

One thing at a time.
I repeat it like a mantra in my head as I (sometimes literally) roll out of bed. I breathe it in and exhale slowly as I walk into class. I might as well write it on my forehead so that I can share it with the world. I'm doing the next best thing: sharing it in this article. I want you to know that you have survived 100% of the challenges that you have faced in the past and that you will get through whatever is towering over you like a skyscraper right now. Take it one level at a time.

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Even though the side of the building may say panic, the inside is filled with accomplishment. It feels so good to know you have made it through. Focus on what's in front of you. Whether that be the task at hand or the moment that you get to breathe afterwards.
There's nothing wrong with glancing ahead or behind but know that neither exists without the present.

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As someone who gets easily overwhelmed, it benefits me so much to take a minute to see what I'm facing. Really, that's all it takes. One minute to ask yourself what you need to do right now and to break down the steps that follow. One minute to realize that you just need to get through one thing at a time. Suddenly, you're looking back, realizing how far you have come.