Hi girls!
Today I want to share my favourite songs with you!
Some of these songs are italian, so I think they will look strange for you at first.

1- Heatens --- Twenty One Pilots

2- Tag, you're it --- Melanie Martinez

3- L'amore è --- Enrico Nigiotti

4- No roots --- Alice Merton

5- Eraser --- Ed Sheeran

6- Chosen --- Maneskin

7- New rules --- Dua Lipa

8- Moonlight --- Ariana Grande

9- Mad Hatter --- Melanie Martinez

10- Whatever it takes --- Imagine Dragons

11- Havana --- Camila Cabello

12- Rockabye --- Anne Marie ft. Clean Bandit

13- Lean On --- Major Lazer

These are a little part of my playlist, I have more than 100 songs on my phone \(^-^)/
If you want other songs, give a heart!
35 hearts = new post on my playlist :)

(sorry for grammar errors, I'm not american and I study english only at school)