Once upon a time,
there was a girl, not an ordinary girl, but a different girl from the others.
she was lost and had no idea what to do for the rest of her life.
she didn't believe that she needed to choose only one thing to do for the rest of her long life.
she wanted to do more than one thing.
she wanted to be more than one person.
she wanted to have more than one taste.
she wanted to learn a new thing each day.
she wanted to read a new book each month.
she wanted to visit many different places each year.
she just couldn't stand the fact to live only in one place for the rest of her life.
she wanted to live in New York, but also in Paris, in London and in South Korea, also in Japan.
she couldn't describe herself into words.
she never found words to describe her, not even her mom could do that.
she was different, as i said.
she liked all the colors, except orange, orange wasn't really a nice color for her.
she loved listening to music while writing, it felt warm and calm.
she wasn't really a speaker, she was more a thinker.
she was espontaneous.
she is not dead, by the way.
she rarely says some words as: love, miss and worry.
she doesn't want to talk, sometimes.
she thinks art is the best thing ever created.
she loves nature but she also loves technology.
she loves the new but she also loves the old.
she doesn't believe in love for the first sight.
she thinks a lot, as i said.
she is afraid of many things, such as living.
did i already say she loves art?
she writes when she's stressed and when she's fine.
she writes a lot but sometimes, she forgets.
she forgets many things easily, by the way.
she has been having a crush on a guy, nowadays.
she, actually, doesn't really know.
she doesn't want to have feelings for him, though.
she thinks no one could ever have feelings for her.
she forgets that she is unique, all the time.
she doesn't have a standard beauty.
she has a different kind of beauty. really different.
can i describe her, by the way?
what can i tell?
she is short.
she has dark brown eyes. really dark. even looking to the sun, it's pretty dark.
she has short eyelashes.
she has a different hair color, it's not really blond but it's not brown, it's green blond.
she has an unique hair color. like honey-blond.
she has curly hair but she made a mistake some years ago and straightned it.
she regrets it, by the way.
she is not skinny, she is not fat.
she is not really happy with her body, to be honest.
she has a pretty white skin, such as pale.
she has soft and naturally blushing cheeks.
she has soft eyebrows and you can rarely see them without makeup on.
she doesn't really like makeup, though.
she wears it only to cover her pimples.
she hates it, by the way.
she loves her lips, that's something she really loves about appearance.
her lips.
soft, pink and small, still plump, lips.
well shaped. really beautiful and ethereal.
did i say her eyes are really dark brown?
she has dark brown eyes....i said that, right?
ok then.
she has small eyes, by the way. small eyes, but cutely shaped.
she doesn't like it too much, most of times.
should i talk about her body now?
well, it's pale as i said. a lot of dots. brown dots. and soft dots.
did i mention she's brazilian?
well, she is brazilian.
her body is brazilian.
but she doesn't really like it, as i said.
or i didn't say it?
it doesn't matter.
let me talk about her personality, then.
i mentioned she's not like the rest, right?
well, she really isn't.
she thinks differently, she thinks a lot.
she is thinking, most of times.
only thinking.
she thinks about a lot of stuff.
i couldn't put every single thing in here because, she hasn't told me everything.
she doesn't even know everything, though.
she loves plants, by the way.
but she doesn't like receiving flowers.
she thinks if you pick up flowers, you've killed them. that's not really nice.
she loves the outside but she also loves the inside.
she doesn't really like the sun very much, she prefers the moon.
but she does like the sun, sometimes.
she speaks differently, she speaks her mind, that's why most of times no one gets her.
she is really afraid of losing who she loves but she never says that.
she is reading a book, right now.
she just finished watching Beauty and the Beast, live action movie.
she loved Emma Watson's acting, by the way.
she doesn't like to think and act like others.
she likes to be different.
she wants to travel the world.
she wants to go to Europe, first.
she loves classic music.
tchaikovisky is her favorite.
she loves classic stuff but she also loves modern stuff.
she doesn't understand modern society, by the way.
she says people don't understand her but she also doesn't understand people.
she thinks life is simple, humans are complicated.
she doesn't like romance, though.
she likes honesty and originality.
she doesn't choose who to like, if she likes you, she just likes you.
she loves eating, food is a perfect gift for her.
pizza, massa, for example. her favorites.
she doens't have a lot of friends.
but she is fine wih her few and loyal friends.
she likes loyalty, by the way.
she is really loyal.
but she has done some mistakes.
she regrets it, a lot.
but she is trying her best to forget it.
she loves France, by the way. She really does love France.
she is really complicated, sometimes.
she is nice.
she is different, as i said.
i can't put into words.
you need to meet her.
she'll not really talk to you, most of the time.
she'll talk enough.
you'll understand.
or not.
but you'll like her, anyway.
or not.
i hope you do.
i will like you.
or not :).