It’s cold and rainy outside,perfect time for new article and twilight day.
Light your vanilla candles,make a tea and forget about anything.
I’m such a big fan of that movie,why?
I love Bella,i love her character and how ready is she to survive anything for Edward.
I can watch "new moon" every day again and again,because this part describes me so much,when i’m tired of explaining myself how i feel,i just watch this part and i’m peaceful and calm.
Bella is brave,ready to leave everything because of someone who doesn’t believe in himself.
New Moon is just like part of my life and part of life most of us.
My feelings,emotions,my thoughts...everything is there.
There is no words to describe what i feel anytime when i want to say something about her.
She didn’t care about consequences,she just wanted to be part of his life,that was enough for her.
Once,i was Bella-never again.