Hello! So today I decided i write about how to become more of a morning person.

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~ Shower preferably with cold water; cold water is proven to wake you up more and make you more alert.

Exfoliate! I can not say this enough but exfoliating is super important for your skin. If you want you could also make your own sugar scrub/ body scrub its so may recipes online that you can find online!

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I'll let you guys in on a few of my beauty secrets, Since I have acne prone skin i use apple cider vinegar on my face not only does it help get rid of acne scars but it also helps to tone your face. I also use witch hazel if your suffering from body acne or just regular acne i totally recommend using it! Its gotten rid of most of my scars and also shrank my pimples(gross ik) Aloe Vera I'm talking about the actual plant none of that fake gel with added scents. Aloe Vera is also really good for acne its gotten rid of my dark spots and it just really makes your skin feel so much better you'll definitely see results if you use it on the daily. Last but not least Shea butter really helps to get dark spots and make them seem less visible.

~listen to music

whether its rock,pop,indie listen to some music it will definitely wake you up.

~ sweep and clean up your room

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~ light a yummy smelling candle

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~Read or write

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Hope you all enjoyed this article! xx