Hello Everybody, this is my first article so I hope you like it, I'll show you some of my fav filters from vsco that I used to edit my photos, you can use the ones you like and make your pics more lovely.


besties, vsco, and black image blue, grunge, and filter image black, blue, and grunge image blue, girl, and grunge image

Present P5 +8.0
Exposure -2.1
Contrast +2.0
Temperature -1.0
Saturation - 0.9
Fade +3.0
Highlights Tint blue + 2.0
Shadow Tint blue +2.0

Coffee Bean

beautiful, brown, and girl image aesthetic, brown, and beige image coffee, drink, and edit image brown, retriever, and dog image

Present A6 +9.0
Exposure -2.5
Contrast +2.0
Shadows +0.9
Highlights +4.0
Temperature +3.0
Saturation -1.5
Clarity +2.3
Fade +2.5
Grain +2.9
Shadows Tint Orange +3.0


couple, drinks, and travel image beach, sun, and brunette image food, drink, and fruit image food, red, and macaroons image

Present C1 +10.0
Exposure -2.0
Contrast - 1.0
Highlights + 4.0
Fade + 3.0
Grain + 3.0


food, nature, and flowers image beach, sky, and nature image forest, green, and house image green, outfits, and white image

Present C1 +12.0
Exposure -4.0
Contrast - 4.0
Saturation -2.0

Clean Mind

edit, make up, and white image clean, pink, and food image breakfast, clean, and filter image clean, feed, and girl image

Present HB1 +4.0
Exposure -1,0
Contrast +1.0
Temperature +1.1
Saturation -1.9
Skin Tone -2.0
Fade +2.5

That's all for now! Thank you for reading.