I've never been in love before.
Well, I thought so.
Now I realize that I was in love with the idea of ​​being in love.
But I never really felt love.
I think even I do not know what it feels like

Somehow, I thought that any little thing, all the little gestures, all the little actions meant that I was in love, I thought that was what I felt.

I was looking for any little think so I could feel something and make others feel it too. Well, at least in my head I thought they did.
I thought they felt it for me, too, so I've been so disappointed so many times.
I believed that any display of affection could mean something more.

I was crazy for sure.
Or maybe we are all.
Because we all look for it in any person. A little bit of affection, a little bit of safety.

I'm very observant. I see many things, and there are certain things that call my attention more than others.
What I've noticed is that people today fall in love too fast, too easy, and don't even fight for something that is right for them.
They simply stand by for convenience. Because they feel somehow safe, I guess.

I think love is a very rare thing to find. But I'm not talking about the love of a mother or of a father. I'm talking about another kind of love.
Something that got lost along the way. Something that people have less and less hope of finding.