In this article,i want to talk about something important. I am seventeen years old girl.And i know the fact,a lot of girls in my age wonders about how they look.
I wanna say,you all are beautiful!With your flaws.They makes you more special.
I never talkt about this to anyone but i will now.Because WeHearIt is kind of place where everyone is good to each other.
Since i was 10 years old,every year,i watched the VSFS.And now i am 17 years old.And i always think "i should be like them".But it is wrong.Because you are already so beautiful.
When i was a kid,i was the tallest girl in the class.But then,i grow up and gain weight.And now in high school,i am average height.But i know something,when i lose my weight, i will be back to my normal height.
I want to say,you can be short or so tall,you should love yourself.
And also i want to say,now my dream is becoming a model.Because i want to show how girls can be strong!I never been so skinny,even people called me"fat".But i will become a model and show them nothing is impossible.You can do it too!
Just love urself.And never give up<3