Rhello everybody !
Today I’m going to talk about something I really love to do, especially since now I have someone else to do it with me: getting lost in Paris.
As some of you must know about it, I’m a Parisian and study at La Sorbonne, the oldest university in Paris at least. My university is in the sixth district, one of the prettiest. It’s near the Jardin de Luxembourg (a place I talked about in another article some months ago) and Notre¬-Dame de Paris so I’m near the place to be in Paris.
My obsession with getting lost in the most romantic place in the world begins almost three years ago after I’ve read a book written by Gayle Forman (whose title I can’t remember for now). I’ve always loved spending hours and hours in museums but, after I’ve read this book, I start thinking I had not idea what was really Paris and then I start walking without goal in the Parisian’s street. I can now walk for almost five hours and telling which monument I’m in front of and say a few words about it.
A month ago, a really close friend of mine moved to Paris for his studies and we decided to meet for coffee before seeing Star Wars and then walking a little. What I didn’t know at this time was that he was as passionate as I was by walking in Paris without purpose and we end up walking all night (at least until 1a.m) in the capital before I go back home.
To give you a quick idea of the path we made here’s the detail to our walk:
We start at the boulevard Odeon, to La Sorbonne, we walk outside the Luxembourg, then we go to Notre-Dame de Paris, then we made it too Le Louvre, then to La Comédie Française, then the Opera National, La Madeleine, we walk then outside the Tuileries and finally we walk on the Champs Elysee. This little walk is at least long of ten kilometres. Yes, I’m in love with walking.