19 that's a tough age... well for me it was.. I was constantly fighting with myself on a daily basis.
I had to learn when to say goodbye to the old me in order to get to know the real me.
I've always been cooler than a cooler but for some reason I lost my cool at the age of 19 when my body went to war unexpectedly and it almost tour me apart physically, mentally, and emotionally.
My heart started asking questions that my mind did not have the answers to.
My body, my mind, and my soul were trying to tell me things but I kept ignoring them.
I noticed that I ignored lot of things in my past that my body, my mind, and soul was trying to tell me.
It wasn't so aggressive before but it got real aggressive when I turn 19.
19 caused a lot of Tears and pain but most importantly growth.
I feel like I blossomed into this beautiful woman who is almost ready to take on the world... I am 20 now the war is over and now I get to know who I Really Am..
Don't get it twisted I'm still cooler than a cooler.