Hi hearters,

I’ll be sharing you some tips and ideas to start the new year right..... I know I know I’m late:(
So sorry, I have been so busy lately and there just so many problems last month ( December) problems with my visa... I had to get out of the country and damn my life recently have just been so chaotic I haven’t had time writing articles... but I’m back!!!

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I mean like everything:

- vacuum the walls, clean your mirror, sweep or vacuum he floor, clean your closet, get rid of unwanted papers... you can take them to a recycle place...., get rid of unwanted products, clean your make up stuff, mop your floor, change curtains, sort out your bookshelf or shelves.... do you need a new pillow? Towel?

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House or apartment
- basic stuff like cleaning the floor, getting rid of unwanted things, washing the dishes, redesigning stuff, new decors blah blah blah.... BATHROOM AS WELL!!!

Do your end of the year self reflection....

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Start a fucking journal guys.... common.... assess what worked last year, regrets last year, highlights and stuff like that....

Plan out your year

Make a list of things you want to achieve this year.... goals, what you will not do, things to get rid of, travel plans, important dates....

Prepare for a new school or work year....
- get your supplies ready, read, be fucking knowledgeable, read your materials, is it time to find a new job? Are you happy with your job? Think about things!!! Follow your heart and mind:)

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List out your goals
- do you want to lose fat? Be strong? Eat healthier? Ace MATHS?
How are you going to achieve your goals? YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT

Say ‘yes’ to new opportunities
- My biggest regret last year was saying ‘no’ to practically everything because I am so fucking insecure of my weight, acne like everything!!!!! So yeah I missed out on a lot of things... I didn’t go to the beach with my friends because I thought I looked fat... didn’t want to go out of the house because I didn’t want people to see my acne like seriously Claire, acne is normal and there are people out there who is much fatter than you... anyway I’m still learning to love myself and you know body image issues and stuff.....

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Okay hearters this is for now:) thank you so much!!!!