these are some fictional characters i see myself in.

1. hanna marin (pretty little liars).
out of every fictional character ever, i am definitely the most similar to hanna. we have very similar personalities, humor, and outlooks on life. she annoys me sometimes, but i think its because of how much i see myself in her.

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2. malia tate (teen wolf).
malia is one of those characters who is slightly awkward, talkative and brave. her interactions with others is what makes me see myself in her.

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3. nadine franklin (the edge of seventeen).
i think most teenage girls relate to nadine. she feels as though she will never be able to truly fit in, and she hates the way she acts around others, and i really relate too that.

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4. lindsay weir (freaks and geeks).
lindsay is acting out for reasons she doesn't know, and wants to be different and not lead a normal life. she's afraid of dying and not having truly lived, which is one of my biggest fears.

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