In the Star Wars community, there are three types of fans that do different stuff when arguing. I think these gifs represent them perfectly.

1.) The Fan Who Started the Fight

These Star Wars fans tend to ignore everything you have to say and think they are correct. Especially in versus polls.

gif image

2.) The Challenger

These fans tend to argue against the fan who started the argument.

gif image

3.) The Peacemaker

This fan tends to try to stop the fighting, or joins one side, hoping now that the other side would stop fighting.

gif image

Now you are probably wondering what type of Star Wars fan you can be without being labeled as a jerk. Well, here are a few tips:

1.) Be kind.

2.) Respect the other person.

3.) Be yourself.

Note: If you run into a TROLL just block them or ignore them.

gif image

Be careful because you might meet a lot of them.

gif image