p.s: english is not my mother tongue so I may have a few mistakes of writing, sorry for that
I believe that there are only two faces in the coin of falling in love.
For me, love can only be two things: sweeping or affectionate
These terms are so different and at the same time similar.
Maybe that is why most people think they have found the love of their lives just because they feel a tingling at the tips of their fingers.
For me, love must be more than a tickle. More than ... just affection.
Love must be as strong and hard as the pain itself, and leave a mark ... an invisible scar.
A scar that helps us remember that, although the world is cruel and life is short, love is part of the precious and almost unattainable things in life.

At this point, I would dare to say, that precious things are about to disappear and all that remains is that flat and affectionate false love.
So if you're one of the few bastards who had the pleasure of experiencing a sweeping love ... well then, you were lucky for once in your miserable life.