Outside, In a metropolis City, cold weather bursting in the night.

Thinking or figuring out how to get warm yet the cold never ends.

Struggling to survive, struggling to cover, struggling to stay warm.

No matter what I do, Nobody will remember me, no one will remember this abandoned girl and her cold story.

This is a short story about (name), a girl who is living out in the streets,

but the question remains, how did she end up in the streets and what

kind of a story that seems cold enough to make you feel guilty?.


This is my one of my second project novel/book that I am working on, it's also based on this old pic.


and made the sketch for the painting


But I remade it using my paintings instead of simple drawing from a pencil.

Also, my first one is unfinished since its going very long (unexpectedly).

My third project will be a comic, not sure if it will be a long one like my first project........ Oh well, thats it for today! And thank you for reading till the end!