hello lovelies! as this is my first article, i’ll try my best, but this year to improve the amount of books i read i’m planning on reading 1 book a month; 12 books this year a minimum. you can either read the same books i’m reading, or change them up a bit, but here’s my list of books for 2018.

january; a court of thorns and roses

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february; turtles all the way down

book and lights image

march; six of crows

book and six of crows image

april; a list of cages

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may; glass sword

book, red queen, and glass sword image

june; throne of glass

book, throne of glass, and funko pops image

july; of fire and stars

Image by a n y k a

august; the hate u give

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september; the selection

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october; under rose-tainted skies

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november; into the water

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december; the nowhere girls

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