For the first article i decided to write on here, i was thinking about the place i spend most of my life on: youtube.

Makeup is for me a way to express myself, and i decided 'why not share with you guys the persons that helped me discover this world that is the makeup world?'

Most of these beauty bloggers aren't cruelty free, eventhough i chose to go cruelty free about a year ago, but watching them is still fun even if i can't try every product they show on their channel. Also, you may find big youtubers on here as well as smaller ones.


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This girl you guys!! she is so awesome, definitely in my top 3! Her looks are so gorgeous and colorful, you will never get bored of them! She also doesn't wear foundation, just like me and gives lots of tips about cruelty free makeup and skincare brands, and also informs her audience when a brand becomes cruelty free or non-cruelty free (like Nars or Smashbox this year). She inspires me so much with her beautiful looks and bubbly personnality and is so underrated to me. Also isn't she just gorgeous?


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Kathleen! She's just! Too! Cute! No but for real, you cand be sure you're gonna have a laugh at least once in every video she puts out, her personnality is just this awesome. Also, she tends to use quite a bit of affordable makeup in her tutorials ( Wet'n WIld, Physician's Formula etc..) and is one of the few remaining youtubers that keep it 'old school' with her tutorials and stuff. She gives great advices and recommendations, and you will piss yourself laughing when watching her Kat Chats videos.


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Lighting someone else's flame doesn't dim yours.
— RawBeautyKristi
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I was introduced to Kristi by KathleenLights, when she tweeted about one of her 'chatty' videos, and instantly fell in love with the way she thinks. Not only is she absolutely hilarious, she also gives such good life lessons without ever being judgey or anything like that. She is also so talented in makeup, and her 'full face first impressions' 's are so funny. I swear she deserves so many more subscribers!

Bella Fiori

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Another funny one! Isabella is such a great youtuber, not only because of her amazing makeup skills, but also for her sense of humor and Mystery Mondays! She loves unsolved murder/disappearance cases and shares them wth her audiance every few mondays on her channels, and makes them sooo interesting! Her voice is so soothing and you could totally have her mystery mondays' playlist as a background while you do your thing. Also her 'routines' (pamper, morning etc..) are so fun. Definitely a must!

Jaclyn Hill

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Now of course everyone knows THE Jaclyn Hill, but i had to mention her. She is the first english-speaking beauty guru i ever discovered (i am french) and she made me love makeup on a whole new level. I have been subscribed to her for a few years now, and eventhough she doesn't post quite as frequently now, she will always be in my top 3 alongside Kathleen and Jessica. She has put her mark in the beauty industry with her amazing collabs and definitely deserves her place in this article. Also her and her husband are goals, just saying.

Here we are guys, a few of my favourite beauty gurus. I hope you all enjoyed my first ever article, don't hesitate sending me a message if i made you discover someone, or if you know some of them and stuff. Love you guys, thanks again for reading ♥️