... melting sunsets and dreaming of love ...
hey, here's a fun playlist... check it... or don't.... it's up to you i guess..

  • LANY - Super Far
Don't be mean if you're here for good
  • BØRNS - Sweet Dreams
You didn't even call to wish me sweet dreams
  • Halsey - Ghost
You say that you're no good for me
  • Niall Horan - Flicker
I'm afraid that what we had is gone
  • Waterparks - Blonde (underrated band imo)
I wanted privacy, routine and everything between
  • Blackbear - idfc (yes i know this is old... let me live)
Tell me that you love me,
Even if it's fake
  • IDKHBTFM - Modern Day Caine (i still love dallon, so yeah..)
So now you've done a little wrong and you swear you didn't do it
  • The Wrecks - Favorite Liar (yet another underrated band imo)
i wanna wake up feeling tired
  • Sufjan Stevens - Mystery of Love (can you tell i really like call me by your name?)
Oh, to see without my eyes
The first time that you kissed me
  • Neck Deep - In Bloom (aesthetic is bomb in the video..)
I can try but sometimes that is not enough
  • New Hope Club - Fixed (i blame disney for this one but they are good...)
Even when it hurts, I’m holding on to your love

.. that's it kiddos...
stay in drugs, drink school and don't do milk
-baby_rainbow 🌈