Hello my beautiful people out there,

Today I would like to be a motivation to you โ™ฅ
I would like to be the reason for you to go out there and be productive โ™ฅ
You know you only live once and every second of your valuable life matters โ™ฅ
So here is a list of things you can to do boost your energy and be more happy =)

1. Get out of bed

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No matter how obvious might be for some people, it is really important for everybody to have the energy, the mood and the courage to go out of bed and start their day. So don't waste your day just sleeping! There are plenty of fun activities that are waiting you โ™ฅ

2. Eat healthy meals

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I know that you probably hear that everyday. But let me tell you that a proper nutrition can affect both your body and your soul. If you eat healthy you would feel happier and strong and your body will show that too ;)

3. Drink enormous amounts of water

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No matter how much water you are consuming everyday it will never be enough. Be your own copetitor and everyday try to increase the amount of water you are drinking. Water improves your skin, your metabolism, your hair, your body structure and your nails. So what are you waiting for? โ™ฅ

4. Spend some quality time with yourself

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A good book, a gym class, a visit in your favorite site, a playlist of songs, a body trivation routine, a nice hot bath, a drawing, a choreography, one page in your diary ... everything can make a difference in your life! It depends on your interests and your talents! It doesn't matter if it is one of the things in my list or something incredably unique .. it just needs to be something that you enjoy spending your time in โ™ฅ

5. Try to surround yourself with qualitative people

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Being surrounded by good and qualitative people in your life who support you and listen to you will help you to cope with everything in your life and be in a great mood all the time. People have the tendacy to have a great impact in a person's life so don't underestimate the value of relationships =)

6. Get a planner/ diary

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I know that this seems a little silly to some of you but trust me it can literally change your whole life. Having your life organised and planned will help you organise your thoughts and responsibilities too. A diary on the other hand can be your new best friend with whom you can discover your inner self and every single thing that comes across your mind!

Ok guys those were the 6 top things in my list for being happy and motivated in your everyday life.
It will be a part 2 in which I will show you more ideasโ™ฅ
Until then try to be the best version of yourself โ™ฅ

Lila โ™ฅ