You grabbed my butt. Digging your nails and thrusting me harder, making me come to the edge. Within a second filled me with your seeds.

Your hot breath and wetly kiss on my neck and slow thrust never made me come. Don't matter how badly I wanted to. You lift yourself up and lay beside me and asked how it was?

"It was great." was my only reply and you got up and went to the bathroom.

But I lied and I think you know it too but I can't do anything about it. I just don't feel the same I use to before. Now it feels like more a thrusting game, where you're all over me, pushing yourself in and out.

Right now I lay in bed naked break out in sweat with every body part in ache. You are out from the bathroom looking fresh and new.

After a long hot shower and lots of debate with my mind and heart. And making my heart win in the end with a conclusion that me somewhere in the 2-years relationship which is not trying hard to keep things together. Later, I change the sheet and all ready for good sleep. Making up my mind for a different excuse for apologies. I was the one who started fighting with you as soon you enter the house. You kissed me in the end just to finish it all off.

"Got to go." You said.

Before I could ask why? You kissed me and said goodbye.

I am alone at home once again. I pour a glass of wine sat on the sofa. While taking a sip my mind tells my heart, how he is always right about everything.

How this has become a life routine.

We're back home after stressful work.
We fight.
We argue.
We kiss.
We fuck.
You leave in the end.

It's more like one-night stand thing.

My heart feels lonely.

I miss you.
I miss your laugh.
I miss your touch.
I miss us.


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