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So I use a lot of Korean beauty products a lot, thus I know the ones that worth buying and not worth buying. However in this article, I will just list all the products that I personally think are good (note: to judge on the effectiveness of the products, this entirely depends on the person's skin).

Please dm me if you would like to recommend me your personal favourite k-beauty products .

Let's Get Started:

🌸 🍃 Lip Tint

Korean beauty products are known for its lip tint (quite different from the usual lipsticks). Lip tint is much more pigmented than the usual lipstick and lasts much longer, as it is liquid based. If you are into lip tint, my personal favourites are:

- Etude House (Dear Darling Liquid Tint)
- MacQueen (Cushion Tint)
- Peripera (Peripera Tint)

Image by b e l l e Image by b e l l e Image by b e l l e Image by b e l l e
Top 2 pictures: Etude House - Dear Darling Lip Tint || Bottom Left: MacQueen - Cushion Tint || Bottom Right: Peripera Tint

🌸 🍃 BB Cream (Blemish Balm/Base)

BB cream is quite different from the regular foundation, although it is quite similar as well. BB cream offers antioxidant, spectrum SPF & moisturiser to the skin. And.. here is my ultimate favourite BB cream of all time:

- Etude House: Mineral BB Cream (Blooming Fit) - SPF 30

I've been using Etude's BB cream for almost 5 years now, and I highly recommend you guys to try it out.

cake, etude house, and pink image Image by b e l l e
Mineral BB Cream (Blooming Fit) with SPF 30 // Comes is 3 different shades, I personally use the #NO2 (I think it is the lightest)

🌸 🍃 Face Powder

My face is naturally pretty oily, so I tend to use no-sebum mineral powder when my face gets oily during the day. And my personal favourite is:

- Innisfree: No Sebum Mineral Powder

I usually use the powder after I have put my base make-up on, and this powder only works for oily skin and not for dry skin.

Image by b e l l e Image by b e l l e
The sebum comes in 2 different forms, the powder (left) & compact (right). I always use the powder ones & never tried the compact, although they are just the same.

🌸 🍃 Face Mask

Obviously, face mask to put on at night! For mosturizing and hydrating your skin. To be honest, i tend to use face masks from different brands (haha). However, I do like face masks from certain brands better than the others (although they are still ok for me). They are:

- Innisfree: Facial Mask
- The Face Shop: Facial Mask

Image by b e l l e mask, aesthetic, and green tea image
For innisfree facial mask, I usually buy the green tea & tea tree facial mask.
Image by b e l l e Image by b e l l e
For face shop facial mask, I use the solution sheet mask (they have different types of face masks, which include the ones similar like innisfree).

🌸 🍃 🌸 🍃 🌸 🍃 🌸 🍃 🌸 🍃 🌸 🍃

So this is the end of the article! Hope this article was helpful to you guys out there who are interested in trying Korean beauty products .

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article! Have a good day y'all!
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