you might think that all you need to do to have your glow-up is to either hit puberty or constantly drink gallons of water. partially, you're right- but here are some neat tricks, you can say, to help you glow-up in 3 months, if not less/earlier.


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  • girl/boy, drink your water. seriously. hella people keep saying drink water for this, drink water for that, and sometimes, you just don't trust that method anymore. but it's actually very good for clear skin- so go ahead and do it!


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  • oil your hair. if you want a perfect hair, whether it is curly, wavy, frizzy, straight, etc... you have to oil your hair and treat it right.


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  • it's not really necessary to get your gym outfit, water bottle, towel, a big gym bag to fit all your items, go to the gym and all that fuss. stay at home, prepare a glass of water (maybe two, depends on you and your stamina), put on some songs on a speaker or your phone, and start doing some simple cardio workouts daily.

face mask (skincare)

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  • if you are really determined to have a pure, cute, and clear skin, then you better apply the perfect mask for your face (based on the type of your skin, whether it is oily, dry, mixture of both, etc...) two times a week. the best face products are usually found in sephora, the face shop, and the body shop. biore, neutrogena, and clinique's products are mainly very good for the face.

new style

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  • if you're comfortable with making changes every once in a while and are able to adapt, then this 'step' is perfect for you to make. change your sense in fashion (not completely). for example, if you're one to wear hoodies all the time (believe me, i can relate), try to slowly make progress in changing that. start wearing sweaters, then jackets (with open zippers), and then shirts/crop tops, etc... same goes for dresses, pants, accessories, etc...


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  • consistency is key. simply, if you want something, work hard for it, and the road of success will be opened for you. have/boost up your self-esteem, be confident, focus on yourself and yourself only. no, you're not being selfish, you're taking care of your beautiful, precious self, and whoever disagrees, throw them the middle finger up in the air.

body care

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  • butters and oils. as you take care of your face, fairly take care of your body in that aspect too. products like body oils, body lotions, and many more are excellent products for your body- and they can be found in a store near you. for instance, sephora, bath & body works, the body shop, etc...

hair growth

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  • biotin and vitamins are extremely essential and crucial if you want to grow your hair out. eat as much fruits, vegetables, and dairy products as you can- your hair will be perfect and long in no time!

manicures and pedicures

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  • as known by now, this whole article's goal is to make you treat yourself right and take care of yourself in order to glow the hell up. just as you take care of your skin, face, and body, take care of your fingers and toes as well. go to a beauty parlor, or a spa, have some mani and pedi done, massage your hands and feet, and relax.

skincare routine

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  • by now, i assume you have bought the suitable products you need for your skin. in this step, you just simply have to apply. the perfect skincare routine starts with scrubbing your face/skin with the right and appropriate product, so that your pores can breathe and actually benefit from the other products you're about to apply later.

trim your ends

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  • alongside taking care of your hair (oils and products, biotin and vitamins), trimming your ends is slightly necessary too, especially if you want to grow out your hair.

eat healthier (be healthy)

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  • true, working out is one of the ways to take care of your health and body- as well as eating as much food as you want/can. treat yourself right, but make sure whatever you eat is healthy. i am not telling you to stop eating fast food and apply a hard, heavy diet on yourself- i am just telling you to start eating fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and all those healthy products alongside the junk food you love.


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  • surround yourself with positive vibes only. get rid of all those negative vibes/toxic people who constantly nag and tell you you're never going to accomplish your goals. positivity is mandatory, so what the hell are you doing, not leaving those negative people behind in 2017 already? avoid/get rid of them, and achieve your goals, 2018 is your year, man.

this article is for everyone- boys, girls, trans boys, trans girls, etc... everyone deserves a little if not all the self-love and self-care. instead of giving all your love to somebody who doesn't deserve it at all, give that huge amount of attention and love to yourself.

i hope this article helped many of you!

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much love! xx