Please, always be kind to EVERYONE ツ

People are always looking for a reason to be kind. Everyone feels like being nice to people is something that others need to earn from them, when that is far from the case. Kindness doesn't need to be earned; that is something that should always be given for free. All the things in the world that we pay for, we can afford to give a little kindness for free.


if you MUST need a reason to be kind to a stranger, here are some reasons for you.

— It Could Save a Life

You never know what people are going through on the inside. They could be on the verge of suicide, and all it could take is a complete stranger being kind to them, and treating them like an actual person, to save their life. You may be wondering how being nice to someone could "save" them. Well, imagine someone who's been talked about by strangers and picked on for their flaws all their life. Imagine how dark, and lonely, and ugly they must feel about it. Now imagine how they would feel after feeling like everyone was against them, and thinking that everyone thought they were ugly, or stupid, or whatever the case was just by laying eyes on them, without even having ONE conversation with them. Now picture them when they are at their lowest of lows; perhaps on their way home to make a suicide attempt, and along the way, ONE person reached out to them to compliment them. Even if it was on something small like their jacket, or their eyes, or something. Imagine the hope that would give them. Imagine that being that extra push they needed to keep living. It's like a sign from God telling them not to give up yet because there ARE people that love them and notice them, and that not everyone is a monster.

— It Could Reward You

DISCLAIMER: You should never be kind to just get rewarded, because a lot of times you won't get rewarded for it. However, sometimes, if you help the right person, or if you help the right person in the right moment, you could get offered a job, some money, some food, or when you need help, that person could help you back way more than the way you helped them out. For instance, if you see someone on the side of the road, and you pull over to help them with their car, they could take your number down, and when you need some help, (assuming you guys will become well acquainted), they could return the favor. OR, they could assist you in achieving a dream, like getting you front row seats to a concert, or setting you up with a producer to get you signed on some of your music. God places people in your life for a reason, so always take advantage of that. Not to mention if someone simply needs help finding a section of a store, and you help them while a manager happens to be walking by, or just a worker in general, you could get offered a job on the spot. Keep that in mind next time you don't feel like showing someone where the book section is in Walmart!

— It Could Save YOUR Life

You never know what kind of person you're dealing with. If you're mean to the wrong person, they could kill you. That's so blunt and harsh, but it's also life. There are a lot of crazy people in this world, and you aren't safe anywhere. Not even in your own home. Someone could be at their breaking point to where they feel like they have nothing left to lose, and going to jail won't scare them. If they feel like you deserve it for being mean to them for no reason, that's your life. It could happen anywhere.. At a bus stop, at work, in your home, at school, on a carnival ride, at the mall, literally ANYWHERE. Just because you are in a public place, DOES NOT MEAN a crazy person has to spare your life.

— Lastly, It Could Help You A Lot

If you are battling your own demons, and you are at your weak point, feeling worthless or whatever the case may be, making someone's day could help you feel better about yourself. Like you serve a purpose, because you do. Everyone has a purpose in life, we just have to find it. Seeing someone's happiness come from something so little, or something so simple that YOU did, is the best thing in the world. All the money in the world couldn't pay for that feeling. Being kind boosts your self esteem. It should anyway. Anything that makes you feel good on the inside, should ALWAYS make you feel good on the outside, and what makes you feel good inside and out should boost your confidence a whole lot. I know being kind makes me feel really pretty. Even be kind to people who bully you. I'm not saying be their bestfriend, but "kill them with kindness" as some say. Don't fight evil with evil, fight evil with kindness and it could make them stop once they see they can't steal your shine. Eventually they'll get tired of it. That's my personal favorite bully trick. Don't just ignore them, and don't fight them (unless they hit you first of course). Say something like "God bless you too" if they call you a name or say something rude. Or if they ask you for something that they need and you have, lend it to them. Make them feel like you are being genuinely nice though. Don't give off a scary, "I'm initimidated by you" vibe though, because they'll take it as you're going to be a pushover to them because you're afraid of them.

And there you go!

It's kind of sad that I had to make this article, because people should just be nice all the time. However, not everyone thinks like they should, so that's why they have people like us in the world.. To teach others and spread awareness.

I hope you all enjoyed this article, and make sure you leave a heart if you read the whole thing! Love you all, and thank you!!

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