these are in no particular order, but here are some of the albums i couldn't stop listening to in 2017

beautiful thugger girls - young thug

Image by m young thug, thugga, and thugger image
i found this album late in the year, but it was thuggers prime and one of my new favourite albums of all time

most popular song: relationship
favourite songs: daddy's birthday, for y'all, you said

kiddo EP - jessie reyez

album, cover, and kiddo image jessie reyez image
every song on this ep is amazing

most popular song: figures
favourite songs: gatekeeper, shutter island, great one

mansionz - mansionz (blackbear & mike posner)

album, mike posner, and music image aesthetics, indie, and grunge image
i want another album from these kings, omg i loved this so much

most popular song: stfu
favourite songs: dennis rodman, strip club, white linen

ctrl - sza

sza, ctrl, and music image sza, ctrl, and beauty image
we will listen to this album forever, no negotiations

most popular song: love galore
favourite songs: the weekend, prom, go gina

flicker - niall horan

album, flicker, and music image niall horan and one direction image
this album was paid dust, i'm disappointed in you directioners

most popular song: slow hands
favourite songs: on my own, too much to ask

good for you - amine

yellow, amine, and quotes image boys, trap, and amine image
not a single bad song on this album

most popular song: caroline
favourite songs: wedding crashers, beach boy, yellow

saturation trilogy - brockhampton

music and brockhampton image music image Abusive image brockhampton image
the boyband of the year, stan them. they just want to make music and spread joy

most popular song: gold
favourite songs: tokyo, swim, bank, face
my favourite of the trilogy: saturation

syre - jaden smith

jaden smith and syre image cool, dope, and msfts image
so proud of my crush since middle school

most popular song: icon
favourite songs, b, u, watch me, batman

culture - migos

culture, album, and migos image migos image
this album made me love migos more than i already did

most popular song: bad and boujee
favourite songs: slippery, brown paper bag, t-shirt, get right witcha

cybersex - blackbear

Image by m boy, blackbear, and beartrap image
idk who keeps hurting bear, but what an album

most popular song: anxiety
favourite songs: top priority, glo_up, i hope your whole life sux

war and leisure - miguel

miguel, album, and war and leisure image black, black king things, and mexican image
it was a little different to his older stuff, but it was still so good

most popular song: sky walker
favourite songs: banana clip, carmelo duro, criminal

everyday is christmas - sia

christmas and ️sia image Image by young_wild_girls
christmas album of the century, we love a queen

most popular song: santa's coming for us
favourite songs: snowman, ho ho ho, everyday is christmas

luv is rage 2 - lil uzi vert

Image by m lil uzi vert image

most popular song: xo tour liif3
favourite songs: the way life goes, x, 20 min

~ i hope you enjoy this! give these albums a try and be sure to share some of your faves with me :)

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