So those are all my favorite playlists, most of them are not mine, but I hope you guys enjoy anyway.

1 - 2000's songs

2000, britney spears, and girls image
i usually listen to clean my room or when I wake up

2 - old music

50s, 60s, and elvis image
i love him so much

3- calm music

blessed, happy, and flower power image
I think I listen to this every day, usually at night to relax

4 - sad music

heart, hospital, and we heart it image
when I'm felling down

5 - soundtracks

emma stone, ryan gosling, and couple image
I love to listen to those

6 - eletronic music

music, edm, and dj image
It's not my favorite style, but I love this playlist so much

7 - sassy songs

beyonce knowles, Queen, and sassy image
listen to feel fine af

8 - hits

baby, justin bieber, and rp image
those famous songs at the moment

9 - getting ready

getting ready and tumblr image
one of my favsss

10 - to sing in the shower

actress, gif, and movie image

11 - winter songs

cat, coffee, and cozy image
songs to make the worst season look better jk

12 - autumn songs

autumn, landscape photography, and color photography image

13 - summer songs

beach, free, and girl image
best songs for the best season

14 - spring songs

aesthetic, blossom, and peach image

15 - workout (those are brazillian songs)

abs, don't give up, and inspiration image
can't do it without music

16 - rap musics

Mature image to view this image go to your settings and enable mature content
I usually don't listen to thiss one, but when I do I go crazy

17 - fav at the moment

selena gomez image

18 - classics

heavy metal, bon jovi, and rock band image

Hope you guys like, send me your favorite playlist at the moment!