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Hello Fantabulous Heartists! I can’t believe that this is my first article of 2018! I hope this year is treating you amazingly so far! And to kick off my first article of the year I can’t think of a better article than this one!

The Smile Project is so huge I can’t believe it! Everywhere I look I see an article or image relating to the Smile Project and that absolutely warms my heart to know it’s growing and reaching out to so many people! A while back in November I published an article talking about something called Smile Stories!

link to the original article:

From that point I am delighted to say that I have actually gotten a fair amount of stories, and to be completely honest, just reading the ones that were sent to me truly brought back hope for humanity! 😂💜

But seriously they truly bring in a warmth so today I’m going to be sharing 3 of the stories that were shared with me and really stuck with me!

"When I first went to my new school, I knew only 2 people there, and they weren't even in my class. Fortunately, I met a wonderful girl at orientation. We were in line because we were in the same homeroom. She turned around and smiled, and I smiled back. That eased my nervousness about not having friends with me. And now, she is one of my best friends that make me smile everyday. We've been friends for 4 years now!"
"I was really sad because stuff was happening, my best friend left, I was fighting with my parents, and a boy I fell in love with broke my heart. So I was really sad and I walked out of the school to sit on a bench in front of the the school, trying to convince myself not to cry, and begging myself to hold on. And then a boy, a boy that became very very special to me even though he broke my heart after that, sat down next to me, put his arm around me and whispered I was going to be okay. I hate it when people say that, to be honest, but I looked up, he dried my tears and smiled. And when he smiled I felt like life was still worth living. He was the only thing that actually stopped me from finding the nearest building and throwing myself off of it that day. His smile will always remain my favorite and I will never forget that day."
Sophie Hazeu
Sophie Hazeu

Sophie sent this to me a month or so ago and I have never forgotten it, this story shows so much more than just a smile changing her life, but that just being able to go and care for someone can do so much. Thank you a million Sophie for sharing this story with me.

"A few days ago I was in a new city, walking by a homeless man and I believe his mother. Having been taught that the homeless only want your money to buy drugs, I was shocked by this man. He changed my whole view. First, he wished my family and I a happy new year. Out of reflex, I wished him one too. Right then I was overcome with disappointment because I had done something I was taught not to do, (talk to strangers especially the homeless.) In reaction my face fell as he wished us a good year. I walked on, afraid to speak. This man made my heart smile because there are kind people out there if only we are open to listening to them. Looking back, I wish him and his mom the best. I will never forget this as it serves as a reminder that even the unlikeliest people can be kind. Also, even though I did not see this man smile, I felt like he did because I heard the cheer behind his voice."
Dana ❀
Dana ❀

I want to thank you Dana for sending this story to me because it not only shows that you don’t need to smile to make someone’s day, words can work just as well, and because I think that as humans we generally stereotype people or only think of what we were taught as we grew up and I think that this is a perfect example of that we there is so much more behind what we’ve been told.

I honestly believe that these stories go above and beyond in showing what smiling or wishing the best to someone can do to alter your day and even your life! I would LOVE to get more stories so I can make an even bigger article to share how one simple act of smiling (which takes like 3 seconds) can change a day, a life. So send in your smile stories because I would love to hear them!!

I am going to be making another deadline of January 27th so that we can hopefully join together in seeing how a smile's impact.

Thank you and if you want to join and stay caught up in #TheSmileProject check out the one and only lovely Kaylee who started this project!


I wish the best to all of you and I will see you soon!