Somehow you're hiding. I hide behind a tree as you hide behind a wall.
People are looking for us. I see myself half way, I find myself pretty fast.
Nobody has seen you yet. That wall is too big to see something. You add a brick and turn it into a box. We try to demolish all of your construction, but every brick you put down you put another one in place.

Do not let us go and that's just what? To win? You've already won, but you still do not let us go over. To hide? Why would you want to hide?

This cruel and evil world that's just in your head and which does not really exist? You could go out, but that would cost you the pride that you know too much. All your work would be destroyed by no one else but you. You kill all your art, but if you stay in the box you would kill yourself and that's too much to pay, maybe even bigger than the pride.

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